The Splat! 

This site is no longer active. Sorry! I will open a new blog soon!

Hello! Glad you found this site! My name is Karen! You can call me Red Tomato, RT, or just Karen. I love dogs, cats, my family, Poptropica, Minecraft, my friend Jessica(Cheerful Cheetah) and my friend Ally (Fierce Lion), Memes,Puns,MLP,and more! My username is Lalala14269 if you want to friend me on Poptropica. I also dislike homework, cussing, snakes, Little Baby Bum, and being left out. I follow Jesus Christ and also believe you can accomplish your dreams no matter your obsticales! P.S. i am 11 years old and not the best speller! I also live in Florida!-RT

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